About Our Company

About Us

Flexs Trading LLC was established in 2009 by Kostiantyn Pustovalov and since then, we are a trading company with operations which comprises manufacturing, supplying, import & export of a comprehensive range of products. From these years, we have collected a handful of experience in the multiple sectors of dealing. As an authorized company, we own our manufacturing plant where we manufactured products like oil, mask, milk powder, etc. On the other hand, in the sector of supplying and import & export, we are dealing in products like dry fruits, grains & seeds, metal scrap, copy paper, lighters, sugars etc. From eatables to metal scrap, we deal with multiple products along with various brands. Our services can be rendered in several places like retail stores, restaurants, cafes, shopping departments, small business, household purpose, etc.

We have different teams of agents’ worldwide, working for us, making deals on our behalf to provide growth to our company. We are glad that we are a group of over 1000 employees and would like to express our gratitude towards them because they are the reason for our development and success.

Our end holds the approval of the license. We have all the necessary documents for supplying the products in the domestic and international market. In the trade of import & export, we have certified license from the government and we are an authorized trader, distributor of our products.

Our marketing network is spread throughout the world, where we have a higher level of connections with other popular brands. We are collaborated to multiply our sales and revenue also to become a famous brand face in the market. Our company is in the Oblast of Odessa in Ukraine, however our work of manufacturing, distribution is not only limited to Ukraine, but we also deliver our products globally with a wide range of variety.

To know more about us, feel free to reach our team. Our sales team would be there to get connected with you. They provide you with handsome discounts which save you unnecessary cost. We are delightful to respond back to you by assisting you and solving your queries. We are happy to assist you.